Thanksgiving Real Estate Marketing Tips For 2020


Thanksgiving awards savvy real estate investors the ability to tap into an entirely new marketing strategy every year. At the very least, the holiday gives entrepreneurs in the real estate industry the ability to connect with new contacts in a fun and interesting way. Regardless of how investors view Thanksgiving, it is an important time of the year to increase marketing efforts.

There’s no need to follow the same strategies as everyone else. With a little creativity, this time of the year can give investors an excuse to have fun reaching out to leads. Try coming up with some Thanksgiving real estate marketing campaign ideas of your own to take advantage of the fall season, or borrow a few from my book.

Understanding The 2020 Fall Real Estate Market

The Thanksgiving real estate market falls squarely in the middle of, well, fall. At this time of the year, it’s obvious that the real estate market is starting to slow down from its active summer months. Most of the buyers who wanted to buy most likely already have. That said, there’s plenty of activity left at this time of the year, especially in recent history.

The Coronavirus appears to have delayed what is typically a busy summer selling season. Anyone who wasn’t able to buy in summer because of the pandemic is most likely looking to take action sooner rather than later. Pent-up demand, in association with historically low-interest rates, appears to be stirring up activity. More people are coming off the sidelines to buy, and only the best Thanksgiving real estate marketing strategies will get their attention.

There’s so much competition that its safe to assume the summer season will extend into fall. As a result, it’s important to keep up with marketing strategies. While most investors take time off at this time of the year, I recommend trying a few fall marketing strategies. In particular, those centered around Thanksgiving offer a unique opportunity to reach out in a fun and exciting way. For suggestions on Thanksgiving real estate marketing ideas, please keep reading.

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13 Ways To Boost Your Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas

There are countless Thanksgiving real estate marketing strategies that have served investors well, but I have found the following to be the most productive:

  1. Giving Real Estate As A Gift
  2. Host A Dinner At One Of Your Properties
  3. Thank Past Clients
  4. Thank Future Clients
  5. Announce Your “Giving-Back” Plan
  6. Offer Free Rent
  7. Give Your Real Estate Team A Week Off
  8. Run A Competition
  9. Host A Catered Lunch
  10. Run A Crowdfunding Campaign
  11. Send Personalized Messages & Postcards
  12. Organize Giveaways
  13. Thanksgiving Social Media Marketing

Giving Real Estate As A Gift

Housing and real estate are one of the greatest gifts that can be given. It could be a new condo for mom, a cash flow investment property for your kids, or a beach cottage for your spouse. If you are going to join the shopping mayhem this November, at least buy and give something of real, tangible value that can keep on giving. Make some noise with themed marketing, and enjoy the lift of extra shoppers online. Promoting your gift on several different outlets will go a long way in painting your business in a good light.

Host A Dinner At One Of Your Properties

Everyone might have had enough turkey elsewhere, but there’s nothing like food to get people together. Why not host a BBQ at one of your properties for sale? You can even invite people to bring their dishes to share. Make it a community event. Gain more visibility for your properties, and meet more locals.

Thank Past Clients

Acquiring new clients is expensive. Yet, few real estate pros or businesses are good at following up. This is the opportunity to change that. Instead of spending a couple hundred bucks to gain someone new, how about sending a simple thank you and gift card to past clients? This could be a small Home Depot gift card, and a reminder you are there to help.

Thank Future Clients

Want to do some creative real estate marketing? How about thanking your future clients for their business in advance? Send a Thanksgiving card, with a Home Depot gift card for the home they are going to buy from you.

Announce Your “Giving-Back” Plan

How about giving back a percentage of all the deals you do in November, or giving $1,000 for every new lease of purchase contract signed? You want to give anyway, and this could help you bulk up your gift.

Offer Free Rent

How about thanking your loyal long term tenants with a month of free rent? If you’ve got an especially loyal and good tenant that has been in place for a couple of years, is really low maintenance, and takes great care of your property, they are an asset you should try to keep. How about giving them a month off of rent for December or January, and relieving their stress during the holidays. This may be a gift to yourself too, as many tenants will struggle to be on time with the rent during the holidays. If that’s too rich; how about a 10% discount?

Give Your Real Estate Team A Week Off

Give your team a week off. Thanksgiving week means kids are out of school, and your team may not be very focused on their work anyway. This may even dissolve the tension of them having to call out sick.

Run A Competition

The more you can do to build up others’ relationships the stronger your relationships with them will be too. Why not run a competition to win travel to your area, for a family reunion for the holidays? Locals can fly in their family members who may end up wanting to buy from you. Or you can offer a deal on one of your rentals to host a family reunion and family coming into town to visit.

Host A Catered Lunch

Host a catered Thanksgiving lunch at your office for local workers. Get them in, introduce them to your business, and build connections. Your success in real estate is directly linked to the number of new connections you make, and this is a great way to boost that number.

Run A Crowdfunding Campaign

Launch a Giving Tuesday crowdfunding campaign, with the proceeds benefiting a local cause. There are many ways to make this real estate related, from building an affordable home to converting an abandoned property into a park or temporary housing or giving an assisted living facility a makeover.

Send Personalized Messages & Postcards

Canned emails and direct mail pieces have overstayed their welcome. For years investors depended on generic marketing materials to reach the widest audience possible. That said, it may be time to get a little more personal. Instead of sending our canned emails that say the same thing over and over again, and are void of any personality at all, try sending personalized messages. Take the time to craft a personalized message for each of your existing clients, and choose a medium to send it on.

Instead of sending a generic direct mail piece, try producing a thoughtful video email. Take the time to wish the recipient well and be sure to tell them how much you appreciate their business. Make a point of referencing their name to prove they aren’t just a number on a list. Doing so will generate good sentiment between you and your contacts, which is invaluable in the real estate industry.

Organize Giveaways

Thanksgiving real estate marketing can take many forms, not the least of which include every idea mentioned above. That said, a proper real estate Thanksgiving marketing campaign will find ways to combine these strategies. For example, there’s no reason any one of the ideas on this list couldn’t be combined with a giveaway. Personalized messages could include a gift card to a local restaurant in exchange for someone’s contact information. A catered lunch may thank its attendees even further by offering a pumpkin pie to everyone who enters the giveaway.

There are many examples of how to organize a giveaway, which makes this the perfect Thanksgiving real estate marketing strategy. Investors may include a giveaway in just about any of their marketing funnels. At the very least, it’ll entice recipients more than not including a gift.

Thanksgiving Social Media Marketing

Social media has become synonymous with today’s greatest marketing campaigns, and Thanksgiving real estate marketing strategies are no exception. Real estate investors should be marketing all year on each of their social platforms. However, instead of sending the same canned messages each time, try tailoring them to a specific event. Thanksgiving, for example, presents real estate investors with an opportunity to thank their network (both personal and professional) for all they have done. Anyone who sees the message will appreciate the sentiment, and perhaps even reciprocate their appreciation.


Thanksgiving real estate marketing campaigns only come around once a year, but they are a great way to get in touch with both past and future clients. With the right strategies, it’s entirely possible to increase brand awareness and the sentiment people have towards your company; two things that go a long way in facilitating future real estate deals. Try some of these Thanksgiving promotion ideas this year to increase your marketing efforts.

Key Takeaways:

  • The best Thanksgiving real estate marketing campaigns will allow today’s investors to capitalize on what is expected to be a busy fall market.
  • Fall real estate marketing ideas give investors an opportunity to change their message at least once a year.
  • A properly crafted Thanksgiving real estate message will go a long way in generating positive sentiment for a business.