5 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Investing Business


The use of social media is not slowing down any time soon. It wasn’t that long ago that Facebook was almost considered a trend or a niche. Today, almost everyone in business, regardless of age, has a Facebook account. While Facebook is the most popular form of social media, it is far from the only one. Twitter, Instagram and other sites are growing every day. These sites alone can help give you and your business name recognition faster than anything else you do, but you need to do it right. Simply posting pictures or random thoughts will not generate interest. Like anything else you do in business, you need to have a plan of attack before you start. It is not too late to jump on the social media bandwagon. Here are six ways to start incorporating social media into your investing business.

1. Start With a Plan: Any marketing and lead generation strategy starts with a plan. If you are doing a mailing campaign, you wouldn’t just mail to random homeowners. The same concepts should be brought to your social media campaigns. Before you make your first post, you need to have an idea of how you are going to do it. You should know who you are looking to attract and which kinds of posts will help you do it. If you are comfortable, writing than a blog can help you get started. If you feel you are better in front of a camera, you can opt for video posts. Whatever you do you need to know where and how you are going to do it. You run the risk of damaging your online reputation if you post shoddy, unorganized posts. Treat social media like a new marketing strategy you are starting.

2. Know Your Target Market: The end goal of any marketing is to find deals. With social media, you have to go about it a different way. Few distressed homeowners will see one of your posts and call you. Your goal should be to build your brand through realtors, attorneys, fellow investors and hard money lenders. Each post you make should try to reach one of these groups. Knowing your target market will help you deliver content that generates interest. Generic posts pertaining to a property you are selling may get you a call, but it will not grow your business. Remember who you are trying to reach and think of original content to help reach them.

3. Update Your Website: Any post you make should funnel readers back to your website. Regardless if you have a written or video blog, they should end up on your website. Here is where you can draw people from your post to learning more about your business. If your website is old and lacks information, people will quickly leave. The post you make is just an introduction into the rest of your business. Your website should have information about past properties, areas of interest, market information and other interesting content. You want to have something on your site that helps capture information. A free investing eBook or something about the market should help do the trick. This information is used to build your buyers list or help with networking. If you don’t know who came to your site the number of visitors won’t do you much good.

4. Be Consistent: You have no idea how many people read your posts. The number of likes, shares or re-tweets can be quantified, but not the actual number of viewers. Most people that read something may do so every day without you knowing. If you give up after a week or so, you will have little to no success. Before you start, you should commit to posting on multiple social media platforms for at least thirty days. The hour or so you spend on it can do wonders for your business. By being consistent with your posts, you will generate a following. From there, you will see the number of posts shared increased. The magic of social media is that it can spread very quickly without you doing too much. There are numerous stories of videos on YouTube getting millions of views within days. You probably shouldn’t expect that type of response, but your posts can be seen by hundreds in your first month if you are consistent.

5. Content Rules: The content you post will begin to define your business over time. There are many ways to approach what kind of content you post. You may use your sense of humor to capture people. You can use the quality of the information as your selling point. If your content is stale, boring or recycled, you will not have any interest. It is important to make the distinction of you the investor and you the individual. Everything you post on social media can be captured forever. Feel free to have strong opinions about the business, but know that others may differ. Some of the most interesting people on social media follow their own unique style. The common theme among all of them is the quality of the content.

Social media is a big part of how we live. Connections are made online every hour of every day. It is not too late to take advantage of it – regardless of where you are in the business. Social media is still very much an open canvas ready for anyone to take advantage of.