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Everything You Need To Know About Lease Options

A lease option is widely considered by today’s real estate investor community to be a tool; one that simply increases a person’s ability to acquir this post

Can Too Much Equity Be A Bad Thing?

There are many reasons why people invest in real estate. Some investors look for the quick returns of a rehab or flip deal. Others want the security o this post

What The Real Estate Escalation Clause Language Says About Your Offer

Real estate escalation clauses have proven, time and time again, that their inclusion in an offer letter can greatly tip the scale in favor of buyers. this post

What You Need To Know About Buying Real Estate With A 401(k)

Access to capital represents a significant obstacle for many new investors. Meanwhile, those already familiar with real estate investing are more than this post

What Is Gap Funding?

Gap funding is essentially an interim loan used to temporarily provide financing for an individual until they can secure a more permanent solution. Ot this post

5 Real Estate Systems Every Investor Needs To Have In Place

I can assure you that running a business is no simple matter; it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Entrepreneurs of every level have a tendency this post

A Comprehensive Guide To Tax Deed Investing

The real estate investing landscape is as varied as it is potentially rewarding; there are more than a few ways to make a pretty good living. Everyone this post

Absentee Owner Lists: A Beginner's Guide

Absentee owner leads hare highly sought-after in the real estate investor community. Not only are vacant homes synonymous with a particularly attra this post

Transactional Funding In Real Estate

Transactional funding has quickly become one of the most trusted sources of capital for real estate wholesalers. In as little as one decade’s time, this post

How To Estimate Real Estate Construction Costs Effectively

It is true what they say: you need to spend money to make money — and nowhere does that concept reign more true than the almighty real estate constr this post

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