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Real Estate Notes: A Brief Introduction To A Powerful Tool

Investing in real estate notes is not as mainstream as flipping or wholesaling, but it’s nonetheless a viable exit strategy for savvy, diligent inve this post

The True Value Of A Real Estate Education

There is no tool more valuable to today’s real estate investors than a proper education. At the very least, a fundamentally sound real estate educat this post

A Comprehensive Guide To Buying Rental Property

Buying rental property has proven to be a valuable real estate investment vehicle. Few exit strategies, for that matter, are currently in a better pos this post

Getting To Know The First-Time Homebuyer Down Payment

The first-time homebuyer down payment is often misunderstood, but nonetheless important for prospective owners to comprehend. Few aspects of a purchas this post

Tips For A First-Time Buyer With Bad Credit

Today’s real estate market is nothing, if not divisive. Nowhere else will you find so much potential juxtaposed with such a demanding career path. T this post

Are Prefab Homes A Smart Investment?

The single greatest benefit of real estate investing, at least in my opinion, is the freedom of choice; specifically, the choice to invest any way you this post

Pay Off Debt Or Invest In Real Estate: The Entrepreneurial Dilemma

Prior to investing in real estate, nearly every entrepreneur asks themselves at least one variation of a relatively simple question: Should I pay off this post

The Investor’s Guide To Credit Loss And Vacancies

Anything with the potential to detract from a rental property’s bottomline warrants the undivided attention of passive income investors. There are t this post

Hard Money Loans For Real Estate Investors: Ultimate Q&A

Hard money loans for real estate investors have become synonymous with today’s greatest entrepreneurial “tools.” Few things in the real estate i this post

Self Directed IRA Investing For Beginners

Self directed IRA real estate investing has proven it deserves a place in an investor’s portfolio, but I am concerned it hasn’t gotten the attenti this post

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