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The Independent Contractor Agreement & Every Document You’ll Need To Work With A Contractor

Risk mitigation strategies, at least as they pertain to investors, are currently regarded as some of the most important practices in the real estate industry. If for nothing else, reducing one’s exposure to risk may simultaneously increase their odds of realizing success and staving off the headaches that have become synonymous with the h …

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How To Calculate Repair Costs: A Rehabber's Guide

Understanding how to calculate repair costs over the course of a rehab deal is instrumental in the success of today’s investors. Few skills exhibit this post

Virtual Reality Real Estate Applications For Today’s Investors

Virtual reality real estate applications have yet to be fully realized, but that’s not to say investors should ignore the potential of such a disrup this post

Real Estate Business Outsourcing & Automation

With today’s workforce continuing to evolve, outsourcing has entrenched itself as an integral component of the average business model. Perhaps even this post

How To Take Advantage Of Today's Real Estate Technology

Real estate technology continues to serve one purpose, and one purpose only: to optimize the performance of today’s investors. There is no reason to this post

What You Need To Know About Landlord Liability Insurance

As perhaps one of the greatest real estate investing tenants of our time, risk mitigation ranks amongst every investor’s top priorities. It is the a this post

Calculating Rental Property Cash Flow

In a perfect world, every investor would have access to a rental property cash flow calculator. Determining a property’s potential would, hypothetic this post

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