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How To Do A Comparative Market Analysis

Every investor, regardless of their experience within the housing industry, needs to know how to do a comparative market analysis (CMA). Not only does the ability to properly value real estate come in handy on every single transaction, but knowing how to do a CMA can mitigate a great deal of risk. At the very least, a comparative market analysis will serve as the foundation on which every deal is built. In fact, you …

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How To Estimate Real Estate Construction Costs Effectively

It is true what they say: you need to spend money to make money — and nowhere does that concept reign more true than the almighty real estate constr this post

Everything You Should Know About A Subject To Mortgage

As a real estate investor, one thing is for certain: there’s a good chance you will need to get creative with your financing options. While private this post

The Top 5 Ways To Lower Property Taxes

Property taxes have become one of the most unwelcome expenses associated with homeownership, and for good reason: they are often times higher than the this post

How Much To Charge For Rent: A Guide For Investors

Building a cash flowing rental portfolio is one of the greatest achievements for real estate investors. Acquiring and managing several profitable ren this post

Should I Get My Real Estate License?

Is getting a real estate license worth it for investors? Is there any reason today's investors should go through the trouble of getting licensed? Afte this post

Hard Money Lending: A Guide For Real Estate Investors

While those outside of the industry may be less familiar with it, hard money is perhaps the most valuable asset made available to today’s investors. this post

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