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How Investors Can Get MLS Access

Despite advancements in technology that have altered the face of the real estate industry, no advent has replaced the benefits of MLS access. While new mobile applications and online portals have done their best to replicate the Multiple Listings Service, their benefits still pale in comparison to the potential of the MLS. To this day, no tool is perhaps more useful to investors than unrestricted MLS access. The ability …

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How To Write A Real Estate Offer Letter No Seller Can Refuse

Have you ever wondered how to write a real estate offer letter? How should you address the recipient? What should the tone of the letter resemble? Per this post

An Investor’s Guide To The Price-To-Rent Ratio

Traditional price-to-rent ratio calculations are an incredibly valuable tool for comparing the affordability of buying to renting in a single location this post

How To Buy A Duplex And Make A Profit

The idea of investing in duplexes has been embraced by investors throughout the industry. Few exit strategies, for that matter, have proven they are this post

11 Components Of A Successful House Flipping Business Plan

There is absolutely no reason for a real estate investor in today’s competitive marketplace to treat a flipping career like anything less than a leg this post

Breaking Down The Double Closing Wholesale Strategy

Truly great wholesalers are smart enough not to entertain a deal without a proper exit strategy in place. To that end, the most prolific wholesalers o this post

How To Do A Comparative Market Analysis

Every investor, regardless of their experience within the housing industry, needs to know how to do a comparative market analysis (CMA). Not only doe this post