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How To Do A Comparative Market Analysis

Every investor, regardless of their experience within the housing industry, needs to know how to do a comparative market analysis (CMA). Not only does the ability to properly value real estate come in handy on every single transaction, but knowing how to do a CMA can mitigate a great deal of risk. At the very least, a comparative market analysis will serve as the foundation on which every deal is built. In fact, you …

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Real Estate Investing: The First 6 Months Are The Hardest

An adjustment period is almost certainly required for any new undertaking. At the very least, individuals will question their direction.  In addition this post

Structure Equals Success

Most people that are in business for themselves are not motivated to succeed, at least not to the extent that will further their career.  It is not t this post

Investing In Real Estate: Document Everything

It can be difficult juggling the daily tasks of running an investing business with everything you already have going on in your personal life. Unless this post

What Mortgage Options Are Made Available To You?

Much has been made about the lending changes set to take effect in the next few weeks. For some, this could have a big impact on their current situati this post

Continually Progress Your Skillset As An Investor

Whether you know it or not, as an investor in the real estate industry, you are inclined to serve as a salesperson from time to time. Every real estat this post

The Fine Line Between Working With Friends and Family

In an attempt to find a real estate partner, either for the short or long term, that person may be closer to you than you think.  Working with friend this post

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