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How To Determine A Good Rental Property

Rental properties represent the pinnacle of most real estate investing strategies, and for good reason: few investment vehicles award entrepreneurs the opportunity to build long-term wealth passively. It is entirely possible for a great rental property to generate profits for generations. That said, not all rental properties are created equal. While some are overflowing with potential, others are best left alone. Those who kno …

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Composure: The Key To Investor Success

Being a real estate investor is not all that it is cracked up to be. Investors on TV shows and late night infomercials may be glorified for viewer ple this post

The Impact of the Government Shutdown on the Real Estate Market

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are probably aware of the ongoing government shutdown. If you are a non-government worker, you may think this post

Cash To Closing

Trying to break down exactly how much money you need at closing can be a difficult task. Despite increased mortgage regulations, cash to closing is of this post

Review Your Estimates

If you are putting your hard earned money at risk, shouldn’t you know where that money is going? This may seem like an obvious question, yet most re this post

Know Your Limitations

There are many investors who enter the industry working as a tradesman on properties. More often than not, they take their situation for granted. In t this post

Exit Strategy Decisions

It is human nature to focus on the beginning of a process rather than the end. Whether it is a new diet, a new career or even a sporting event, the be this post