Finding Homebuyers: 4 Steps To Land The High-End Buyer You Deserve


Finding homebuyers for high-end properties is not all that different from doing so in your average, suburban neighborhood. Just about every step in the selling process can be applied to low-end homebuyers, high-end buyers, and everyone in between. However, there are subtle differences that, when not accounted for, can cripple high-end sellers. That said, the most important aspect about finding homebuyers of the high-end variety is to understand their inherent wants and needs. Not only that, but you need to be able to tell them you have what they are looking for in a way that separates you from the average home seller. It’s your responsibility to provide them with an experience (and a home) that they can’t get anywhere else. If you can do that, you will notice that finding homebuyers in high-end communities isn’t all that difficult.

Finding Homebuyers For Your Luxury Properties

Luxury homebuyer

1. The Devil Is In The Details

In marketing a luxury home, far too many investors are not aware of one crucial step: the easiest way to convey the highest perception of quality is to offer prospective buyers the most intricate of details. If for nothing else, you aren’t doing enough to separate your high-end home from those that have been deemed “average” unless you mind due diligence and give every aspect of the home the attention it deserves. Everything (no more, no less) must be given an inherent degree of attention when trying to sell a luxury home. Namely, every aspect of the property — from the amenities to how you present them — must be noticeably refined.

Of particular importance, however, is the manner in which you market your luxury home. It’s not enough to simply touch on the aspects of the home you feel people will find the most appealing; you really ned to sell them. The more you can do to illicit an unabashed sense of luxury, the better. Remember, you don’t simply have a fire place; you have a grand, ornamental hearth. How you convey your message is just as important as the message itself.

Outside of marketing, you need to stage your property accordingly. Not only does every detail need to be immaculate, but the simple act of staging a luxury home must suggest no expense was without reason. Every move you make must be calculated and serve one purpose: to place the property’s best foot forward.

2. Never Cut Corners On Marketing

I am convinced that perception is everything when finding homebuyers for luxury properties. That said, no expenses can be spared when trying to capture the attention of your higher-end audience. You not only need to invest in the highest quality marketing materials to make the right impression, but you need to present them in a way that homebuyers will appreciate. It’s not enough to simply place an ad in the local news paper; you have to create expectations by going above and beyond.

First and foremost, individual photos of the property must be of the highest quality. It has been said that real estate photography can help a home sell faster and for more money, and luxury real estate is certainly no exception. It’s absolutely in your best interest to hire a professional photographer who can highlight your homes best features and turn them into “eye catching” selling points. Despite how far camera phones have come in a matter of years, avoid posting any photos you have taken without the appropriate care they deserve. Remember, photos will be one of the first things to attract buyers to your property — make them count. If for nothing else, poor photography can scare away buyers just as easily as good photography can attract them.

It’s worth noting, however, that photography isn’t the only marketing aspect high-end homebuyers will scrutinize. The writing that compliments the photos is equally as important, if not more so. Unless you aren’t fully capable of writing a compelling marketing campaign on your own, I would advise enlisting the services of a professional marketing writer. Even the slightest omission or typo can leave prospective buyers with a bad taste in their mouth. Don’t give them any reason not to step foot in the property before they even see it in person; hire a professional content writer.

3. Understand Who You Are Selling To

Few things — if anything at all — are more important to finding homebuyers of the luxury variety than understanding your specific audience. You can’t sell a home if you don’t know who you are selling to. Only once you have an idea of the audience you will entertain can you begin to tailor your marketing efforts and meet their specific needs.

The most effective marketing strategies have become synonymous with a deep understanding of the fundamental needs of those you intend to serve. Today’s greatest marketers know it, and so should you: there is no way you can possible hope to sell a high-end home unless you can speak directly to your audience. It’s only in offering them what they want to hear that your efforts will be met with success.

Mind due diligence and uncover what it is your buyers want most. Do your homework and scout out nearby comparables. What features do they have? How was the home priced? Perhaps even more importantly, how fast did it sell? And, last but not least, what can you do for the same results?

4. Price It Accordingly

Not surprisingly, finding homebuyers in the market for a luxury property isn’t all that different from any other interested buyer. While those looking for high-end homes may have a little more disposable income than the average person, it doesn’t mean they aren’t going to covet a deal. It’s worth noting that you can’t save up a lot of money if you play fast and lose with your savings. That said, you can’t simply slap an extravagant sticker price on your luxury home and assume anyone is going to be willing to pay top-dollar for it. No; you have to be strategic. Not unlike everyone else, high-end homebuyers will want to take advantage of a bargain, or at least feel like they are getting a good deal.

Instead of pricing your home too high, I recommend going in on the slightly less expensive side. While you don’t want to completely eradicate your bottomline, you may find that it’s possible to sell your home for more by asking for less. How? The answer is relatively simple: competition.

If you can offer your home at an attractive price — one that catches the attention of numerous prospective buyers — there is no reason to suspect you won’t receive multiple inquiries. After all, everyone wants a good deal on real estate in today’s economy. So if you can generate that interest by offering a slightly lower price than the property is actually worth, you may be able to generate enough interest to spark a bit of competition. Provided you have several interested parties, it’s conceivable that they will compete with each other and drive up the price while you sit back and watch the offers come in.

Bidding wars, as they are called, are very common at desirable properties. And if you can make your property desirable enough to catch the attention of a lot of people, there is no reason to believe your low price could spark a bidding war that ends up heavily in your favor.

Again, finding homebuyers for high-end properties isn’t all that different from finding homebuyers anywhere else. However, there are subtle differences that need to be accounted for. Most notably, those tricks I mentioned above could tip the scale in your favor. If you are looking for high-end homebuyers, there is no reason you shouldn’t implement the ideas mentioned here.