Kick-Start Your Real Estate Business in 2014


Regardless of what business you are in, there is a subconscious tendency to let your guard down as the end of the year approaches. Once Thanksgiving passes, it is immediately on to the Christmas season with holiday parties and workplace gatherings. It can be very easy to shut your business down at this time and concede to your competitors. However, if you want to be truly successful, you will take this time to prepare for the New Year. Be proactive. Take the last few months of the year to get a head start in 2014.

The New Year always brings a renewed commitment to improve your health, business and anything else you have been putting off throughout the course of the year. Unfortunately, many fail to realize their New Year goals and revert to their old habits. Take advantage of the end of 2013 to get a start on your plans instead of waiting for New Years. Instead of worrying about goals and things you want to do develop, commit to a plan and act on it.

Making lists and goals are an important part of success, but taking action trumps preparation. While the rest of the industry is mired in a post-Thanksgiving lull waiting for the year to end, you should be working harder to establish contacts and come up with an action plan. Most full time investors want to close as many deals as they can every month but don’t have a clue how to do it. With every New Year goal, actually write down how you intend to achieve it. Don’t just assume that you will get a few breaks throughout the year and things will fall into place. Write down exactly what you are going to do, how you are going to do it and with whom you are going to do it with. The more detailed you can be, the more likely you will follow your plan.

What typically derails most New Year’s resolutions is that it actually takes work to achieve them. Most people would like to lose an extra 10 pounds, but aren’t willing to sacrifice their favorite foods or put the work in at the gym. If you want to find and close more deals, you have to go get them. Simply writing a goal of closing more deals while doing nothing about it will yield no results. Before January hits, write a plan for what you want to achieve throughout the whole year and break it up by months, weeks and days. This should be the plan that you revert to when you hit the inevitable bumps in the road. Make these plans now so you don’t have to waste any time when 2014 comes.

It doesn’t take an excessive amount of time to be very successful as an investor. You need good direction and the commitment to follow through on your plans. Enjoy the holidays with your friends and family, but don’t mail in the rest of the year and write it off. You can get a good head start on next year if you take action now and finish 2013 off strong.