How to Lead a Team and Scale Your Business with Than Merrill


Due to his unparalleled success within the field of real estate investing and education, our own Than Merrill was recently asked to speak on one of the top rated leadership and personal development podcasts on iTunes: The School of Greatness. The discussion focuses primarily on the concept behind scaling a business, with an emphasis on hiring and growing a team. However, Than’s business acumen takes center stage when he presents listeners with the same ‘systems-dependent’ business model that has allowed him to scale from 30 employees to over 300 in a matter of just a few years.

In his most recent episode, How to Lead a Team and Scale Your Business, Howes interviews Than Merrill to gain insight into one of the most challenging obstacles entrepreneurs face: scaling your real estate business from a start up to an enterprise. The discussion that ensued, however, may surprise even the most seasoned entrepreneurs. To listen to the valuable insight Merrill shared with Howes and his listeners, play it below.

Listen to the How to Lead a Team and Scale Your Business with Than Merrill podcast here.

Than Merrill goes on to explain that his sense of a team oriented business model can be traced back to his time spent as an NFL linebacker. As we know, he spent years learning from some of the NFL’s greatest minds. Than credits Tony Dungy, in particular, with being the greatest influence on the “team-oriented” approach he embraces on and off the field.

Than Merrill also answers some of the business world’s most pressing questions. What are some of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make? How can they be avoided? What is a systems-dependent business model, and how important is it to have one? The answers to these questions, and much more, can be found in the How to Lead a Team and Scale Your Business with Than Merrill podcast.

Above all, work with a passion. Find excitement in what you do, and use that desire to further your business endeavors.


Lewis Howes is an accomplished author, entrepreneur, and former Arena League football player. He has brought his passion and competitive spirit to what some consider to be his greatest accomplishment: The School of Greatness. Now one of the most popular leadership and personal development podcast on iTunes, The School of Greatness serves as a platform for Howes to interview some of the best business minds in the world.