Bolstering Your Real Estate Email Marketing List In Three Steps


Investors intent on scaling their business to a whole new level need to place an emphasis on establishing a healthy real estate email marketing list. If for nothing else, your professional email list is just that: yours. When all’s said and done, it is yours to do whatever you want with. Given the attention it deserves, a great real estate email marketing list can open up more doors than you ever imagined, and take your business farther in less time than you could have dreamed. The power of email marketing really is remarkable — so long as you do it well.

Those savvy enough will quickly realize that the list they have managed to build will serve their business as one of their greatest assets for years to come. When combined with social platforms and your own website, a quality email list gives you the opportunity to contact your prospects at any point in the future, with any kind of messaging you want. What’s more, your email list isn’t confined by nearly as many rules as you’ll find on social media or website rankings; you can send the message whenever and however you want.

Therein lies the greatest benefit of a properly curated real estate email marketing list: the freedom to reach a highly targeted group of people in a way you deem appropriate. It’s worth noting, however, that the contacts on your list are just as important as the message you are sending out, if not more so. You see, you need to have the right audience receiving your emails for your email campaign to actually work. That’s why it’s equally important to know how to build a real estate email marketing list.

Real Estate Email Marketing Made Simple

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As its name suggests, email marketing will deliver targeted materials to willing recipients via their inbox. It’s a simple as that. It’s a great way to get the content you want in front of a crowd that’s most likely going to be receptive of your ideas, but doing so is easier said than done. You can’t simply start emailing people if you don’t have their contact information; you need to somehow garner it from them willingly. As far as I am concerned, three of the best ways to do that are as follows:

1. Use Social Media Platforms

Social media has taken the world by storm quicker than anyone could have ever imagined. When the first social media platform captivated our attention more than a decade ago, we had no idea the presence it would represent by today’s standards. Therein lies the greatest benefit of working with social media: speed of scale. The rate in which popular social media platforms have grown in the last 10 years can only be matched by — you guessed it — the rate in which the same platforms can operate on a global level. What’s more, it’s that same speed and “shareability” that today’s investors need to tap into to scale their own real estate email marketing campaign.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that social media is no longer relegated to personal “shares” and whatever’s on your mind; it’s all encompassing. It’s quite obvious that social media has transcended the social hemisphere and permeated into just about every aspect of life. Businesses, the world over, have taken note, and are now more likely than ever to use several social media strategies to build a network, not the least of which includes real estate email marketing. And, again, it’s fast.

No email marketing campaign is complete without some form of social media promoting it. If you want your list to be worthy of your company name, make it easy for people to sign up through the social media platforms you frequent the most. On top of that, be sure to preview premium content (the stuff only your subscribers can see) on all of your social channels. That way, you are bound to peak the interest of those that find your content relevant. And finally, be sure to share a valuable incentive for signing up. Perhaps you could offer patrons a free ebook for signing up or a free trial of your product; anything that gives them additional reason should do.

2. Prove You Are A Valuable Commodity

There’s no doubt about it: scores of people on the internet flock to where they find the most value. Having said that, there’s no reason said value can’t be found within your own content. If you are able to produce content that is inherently valuable to a specific target audience, it stands to reason they will keep coming back for more, but I digress. What if you could make it even easier for your target audience to digest your content? Well, now you can — if you have a proper email marketing campaign and an obvious way to opt into it.

In the event you are already offering valuable information to your internet audience, there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t give them an option to receive more in the form of emails. Simply place an opt in button in a clearly visible location for your audience to elect to receive your next piece via their inbox. Remember, if you have already proven yourself as a valuable commodity, your audience is much more likely to opt into an email marketing campaign. Sometimes all you need to do is give them a more obvious way to do so.

It’s worth noting, however, that the content you offer can’t be ordinary; it needs to be extraordinary. In order for people to want to receive your content, in the form of an email marketing strategy, you must offer them something no other competitor can: content that speaks to them. This is where it’s important to understand your audience through market research. Identify what it is they want exactly, and give it to them. Guides, checklists and interactive tools are amongst the best forms of content, at least as far as I am aware, to sway your readers into signing up to receive emails in the future.

3. Promote It On Your Own Site

While far from revolutionary, promoting an email campaign on your own website is worth mentioning. If for nothing else, your real estate website is essentially the heart of your entire business, and there is no reason you can’t boast internally. Feel free to greet visitors with an unobtrusive offer to subscribe to your mailing list when they first gain access to your page. In addition, offer more ways to sign up on other pages, subtly of course. The last thing you want to do is come off as pushy or forceful. Instead, casually frame your request to sign up as a benefit. Suggest to those who sign up that they will not be sorry.

Give The People What They Want

When all’s said and done, today’s most prolific real estate email marketing campaigns give their recipients one thing, and one thing only: value. If you can prove to your target audience that you have something of value to offer, there is no reason to think they won’t want to continue listening to what it is you have to say. What’s more, said value will also play a significant role in attracting people to signing up for your email list. Then, and only then, will your list start to tip the scales in your favor.

Key Takeaways

  • Today’s most prolific real estate email marketing campaigns give their recipients one thing, and one thing only: value.
  • A properly curated email list will allow savvy investors to get their information out to the audience that will be the most receptive of it.
  • An email marketing campaign is necessary for any investor looking to scale their business beyond what it already is.