Selling A House: Pay Attention to the Details


Every time you intend to sell a house, you are essentially putting it on display for everyone to see. Instead of being judged by a scorecard, we are being judged on how much interest the house garners. Most of the time, the market and comparable sales are the relevant indicators. However, when all things are equal, buyers will look towards the little things. Particular amenities do not cost a lot of money, but they can go a long way in selling your house.

Take the time to invest in the little touches around your house. New doormats, doorknobs, house numbers, mailbox, hoses and mulch can all make the exterior feel brand new. While they are relatively inexpensive, they can completely change the exterior of the property. First impressions can go a long way. When a prospective buyer sees fresh items on the outside, it makes them want to see the inside. Too many deals are lost before the buyer even steps out of their car. Make sure you take care of all the little things before you focus on the interior.

Once you get inside, keep the same approach. New switch plates, light fixtures, faucets, brighter light bulbs and shower curtains all catch buyers’ eyes. Again, these items will not break the bank, but could keep your buyer looking at your home longer and make them feel more comfortable. If they feel comfortable, they will be more likely to want to make an offer. The odds are that nobody will make an offer just because the front door knob is new, but you never know if the old rusty one would have turned them off. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Both light and smell play a large role in selling a house. Depending where you are, it may start getting dark very early. Homes show better when they are lit well. Look for higher wattage bulbs where appropriate. Sometimes it is as simple as opening a shade or blind. You want your house to have a bright, happy feeling. You also want it to smell new or have a smell that makes buyers happy. A cookie or apple pie scented candle may seem odd, but they can conjure up visions of the holidays and perhaps convince them that the house is worth a better look.

It is important to have all of your information regarding the property readily available. Have a sheet with exact room dimensions, taxes, acreage and neighborhood information ready. Don’t be afraid to list information about insurance, taxes, utilities or anything else associated with the property. The easier you can make it for the buyer, the more they will like the house. If they have to go looking for this information, they may not be able to find it and move on to another property.

The little things may not always sell every property, but you never know when they will help. Buyers will look at every inch of the house. If you want to sell quickly, and at your price, focus on the little things, your buyers will.