Selling A Property: Accentuate The Positives


If you have ever watched one of the home flipping shows on TV, you realize that no property is perfect.  You often see prospective buyers critiquing even the most elegant of homes.  If buyers can critique million dollar homes, just think what they are going to do to your little rehab project.  Of course, everything is relative, but buyers will always find the flaws when they are looking to buy.  Don’t ignore these flaws. Instead, when promoting and advertising your property, focus more on what the property has and accentuate the positives.

Put yourself in your buyers shoes.  Why would they buy your property?  Is it the great location, stunning views, close proximity to area schools or low property taxes?  Whatever the strengths are, make them your focus and build on them.  Even if these strengths are seemingly apparent, you still need to hammer these points home.  Take and post pictures of the neighborhood and the best features of the house.  Reiterate them with any handouts and posts you make on social media.  It is possible your buyer isn’t from the area and doesn’t know how accessible the home is to local highways, shopping or restaurants.  It is your job to let them know.

Anytime you are selling a property, you walk a fine line between providing information and coming off as a salesman.  You can still place your focus on the positives without ignoring the negatives.  You should have an answer ready for every negative that buyers will point out, but quickly transition back to all the wonderful things your house has to offer.  If you are unable to accomplish this, allow your realtor to handle these types of questions.  If you completely ignore the negatives, your buyers will think there is something wrong with the property that you are neglecting to tell them.

If you have done any work to the property, you have to let the buyers know.  They may like the updated kitchen, but will really appreciate any updates to the windows, roof or electrical wiring.  These are items that will sell the house and will make yours stand out.  As much as buyers say they will change things in the house once they move in, most of them never do and want to buy a house that is turnkey.  If you don’t tell them about the updated windows or new fixtures, they may never notice them on their own.  Beat them to the punch and let them know.

In most markets, buyers are still exceeding demand.  Because of this, many sellers are having a tough time selling at their price or in their desired time-frame.  The best way to cure this is to remember that your property is unique and does have appeal.  It might not appeal to everyone, but it does have strengths.  Always think about what kind of buyers your target market is and why someone would buy your house.  Once you have the answers, concentrate on them and don’t get hung up on what your house is not.