Video: Than Merrill Interview on Business Rockstars Radio Show



I had the honor of being invited to interview with Business Rockstars’ Ken Rutkowski this week. We sat down to discuss entrepreneurship and current trends in the real estate market. What transpired, however, was me detailing the story behind how and why FortuneBuilders was created, along with revealing a few insider secrets about real estate (and even myself).  

I think you’ll enjoy this interview, as you will get an inside look at my growth from an NFL player to real estate investor and entrepreneur. I truly believe anyone has the ability to become a successful entrepreneur with the right education, and I hope my story will help inspire others to do the same.

Here are a few of the topics we discussed during my segment with Ken:

  • What are some of the hottest markets in real estate right now?
  • Owning vs. Renting
  • Real Estate Financing: What are the best options for investors?
  • FortuneBuilders Background: What is the business?
  • My Real Estate Lending Business: Grand Coast Capital
  • How do you plan for the worst? (ie. Real Estate Market)
  • My full name…
  • My Career Transition (Football to Real Estate)
  • My Self-Education in Real Estate
  • Can anyone get involved in Real Estate? What if they have a bad Credit Score?
  • My #1 Secret to Selling

We ended the session with a ’60-second CEO’ rapid-fire interview, which you won’t want to miss. I truly had a great time being a guest on the show, and I am even more excited for you guys to check it out. You can watch our full interview here, or listen to it on

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